Menjewell  Rose Fresh Attar-5Ml

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Menjewell Attar is a registered Trademark .Fragrance evokes memory. Fragrance is a reminder of that first rain, those chilly nights, few moments of ecstasy spent with your loved ones and those refreshing floral aroma. Fragrances are a figment of our imagination and inspire us to imagine. We are the Attar with a difference. With a nose for the best aromas, we do not only smell. We blend.When used on the skin, they absorb and become part of the body chemistry, and the Sandalwood base provides subtle but essential effects. With low risk for dermal irritation, it is soothing, and anti-inflammatory for the skin settles the emotions and clears the mind

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Menjewell  Rose Fresh Attar-5Ml

Menjewell Rose Fresh Attar-5Ml

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